We have almost 25 years in the construction of complex parts that make business or promotions and, therefore, we know how they work. Sometimes we are open to being part of these projects in exchange for our work. Depending on the type of business, we will study each case and maybe we could finance part of the investment in construction in exchange for shares in your idea.


Your knowledge as a developer, together with our experience in construction, can be combined to achieve a product with great potential for the future. Our mind, open to explore other business beds can facilitate the execution of the works that are necessary.

In addition to building complete golf courses, football, rugby or baseball terrain with natural and artificial support, jumping tracks of both sand and grass, public or private ornamental gardening, we can collaborate with you in a timely manner between Other works in:

  Tachymetric surveys.

 Elaboration of preliminary projects and projects.

 Land movements.

 Models of land.

 Stabilization of slopes.

 Construction of lakes.

 Pumping stations.

 Sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, capillarity, etc.

 Drainage, forced, sustainable systems with water recovery.


 Tree plantations.

 Installation of protective nets.

 Construction of concrete roads and all civil constructions of this type of installations.

 Field lighting.

Of almost 25 years in the sector, in the period with the most boom in the construction of the history of Spain.
We like to investigate other business possibilities, in a world like the one we have what is interesting is to be in continuous evolution
If you win with us, we win with you. You are our best advertising campaign and our goal is that you speak well of us wherever you go.




If you need anything listed above

Call us without problem, do not worry about the size of your project, depending on where you are or we can change a sprinkler or make a golf course. Contact and veremos that can be done or how we can try to solve the problem.

We want to make your dreams come true
Let us help you