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We are specialists in the rehabilitation of green spaces and abandoned sports grounds. As a result of the economic crisis, there are now a lot of urbanizations abandoned for years that, now that the end of the tunnel seems to be glimpsed, its promoters want to return to value. At this point and with the lack of work that still have companies, the easiest and most desired solution is usually to remove everything installed and build it again. Sometimes this solution may be the most economical, but it is not always the case. Our company has been very related to the promotion for years and that is why we always put ourselves in the role of the promoter who, to all the problems that he had in his day to carry out the work, must add the money invested and the cost of A stalled investment for almost 10 years. However, now we simply tell you that everything there is to throw and start again. Before making this decision, we will try to take advantage of the facilities available to try to make the cost of repair the essential.

Gardening facilities in urban areas often have irrigation, drainage, pumping, electrical and automation facilities, planted areas and tree plantations. They can also contain artificial water courses, lakes, gardens Dry roads, concrete paths, sports courts, and so on. That is, everything that we have mastered, since we have worked with these elements for years. All this can be solved by trusting in one company.


It will deal with a single person responsible for the work, which will cover a large part of the work, get a better price by increasing the package to hire, will have professionals in all jobs to execute and, above all, Put in its place and try to make the cost as small as possible.



Rehabilitación de espacios verdes y terrenos deportivos abandonados



Lots of benefits

Rehabilitating facilities or developments with us will bring you some benefits, among which we can highlight:

  Concentration of many specialized jobs in the same contractor
  Price adjustment by increase of the contracted package
  We know this type of facility and we know where to save
  You can finally put a stalled investment in value for years and try to repay it
  We know what happened, so we play in itequipo

Between our specialized staff, the collaborators we have and the expert management that will manage everything, we can cover almost 100% of your needs!
Before we begin, we will audit the facility to see what it is that you really need.
If with our work we obtain that you obtain a greater benefit, you will call us in a next occasion. If you win, we also win.